Project Details
ID: P-KE-AA0-004 Name: WEST KENYA RAINFED RICE DEVELOPMENT Status: Completed Country: Kenya
Sector: Agriculture Approval date: 22-Dec-1986 Task Manager: OJUKWU Chiji Chinedum, OSAN1
Total cost: 21030000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 14870000
Government: 2410000
OPEC: 4550000
Implementing Agency: LAKE BASIN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Location: Lake Basin Development Authority


The main objectives of the project are to (a) improve the food self reliance position of Kenya; (b) to create employment (c) to improve balance of trade; (d) to improve benefits for poorer members of society,(e) improve equity of regional development in Kenya.


The main component of the project are as follows : a. Project Implementation Co-ordination Unit (PCU) b. Development Credit c. Extension and Training Support d. Research Support e. Seed Multiplication f. Rural Access roads g. Rice Mills h. Management Consultancy Services


The project will benefit 21,600 smallscale farmers by improving in their food production, employment and rural incomes. The use of new technology will enhance the productivity of the farmers and their land resources. The entire population will benefit from the increase in rice production, the use of new rice milling facilities and they will have both access to agricultural and other services centres through the rural access roads.


The lake Victoria Basin Axea which lies in west Kenya has great potential for the development of smallhorder rainfed rice. All rice production in Kenya has been based on irrigation in Mwea inspect of this development Kenya has never been silf sufficient in rice production. Since the lafhe bassin area has good soils and rainfed, the soot intends to develop the Axea for smallescalerue production.