Project Details
ID: P-TZ-EA0-004 Name: ZANZIBAR RURAL WATER SUPPLY PROJECT Status: Completed Country: Tanzania
Sector: Water Sup/Sanit Approval date: 16-Dec-1991 Task Manager: KHOTLE Kometsi, OWAS2
Total cost: 8777000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 7829000
Government: 948000
Implementing Agency: "MINISTRY OF WATER, CONSTRUCTION & ENERG Location: Rural Areas of the Islands of Unguja and


To build institutional capacity of the Dept. of Water Development and improve water supplies to benefit 113,500 people by 1997.


The project comprises of Institutional and H R Development, O&M Systems, Groundwater Development and Management, Construction of water supplies, Community Development and Supervision Services.


The project's principal beneficiaries are the rural populations in the project area, and to a limited extent the various institutions of the Government located in the these ares. At the end of the project 'specific consumption' is expected to increased from 19 lpcd to about 30 lpcd. The risk of pollution of drinking water will also be reduced by a high design standards. The project's benefits are therefore the usual unquantifiable socio-economic benefits due to increased consumption of higher quality water. These include improved health and time saved in search of water by the rural population particularly women.


The project will be the first Bank Group intervention in the sector in Zanzibar. The Group participation will help influence the Governments policy especially regarding recovery of costs.