Project Details
ID: P-TZ-FAC-001 Name: ZANZIBAR / PEMBA POWER SYSTEM Status: Completed Country: Tanzania
Sector: Power Approval date: 19-Jan-1989 Task Manager: LEBESA Motselisi Frangeni, OINF3
Total cost: 14558096
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 13220000
Government: 2397000
Implementing Agency: STATE FUEL - POWER CORPORATION S.T.P.C.) Location: Zanzibar and Pemba Islands.


The project aims at increasing the reliability of power supply and at reducing systems losses by rehabilitating the electricity generation and distribution systems of Zanzibar and pemba Islands. In addition, the project will improve SFPC's managerial, operational, technical capabilities and financial performance as a result of the technical assistance and training provided by the project.


The major components of the project will be as follows: A. Rehabilitation of generation plants B. Rehabilitation of distribution systems C. Supply of meters and radio communication equipment D. Civil works and office equipment E. Vehicles F. Technical assistance and training G. Supervision consultancy services. In October, 1997, with the approval of the Bank,the scope of works was expanded to include the procurement, installation and commissioning of a 132/ 33 KV, 20 MVA transformer that was destroyed in a fire accident.


The project will improve the reliability of electricity supply in the Zanzibar Group of Islands.


The project was justified to correct the deteriorated conditions of the Generators and Distribution systems. It was estimated that, with the implementation of the project, technical losses would be reduced from 35% to 20% of energy sent out.