Project Details
Sector: Agriculture Approval date: 19-Dec-2012 Task Manager: MOHAMEDAHMED Siham Abdel Rahman, RDGE2
Total cost: 5000000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 5000000
Implementing Agency: IGAD Location: Djibouti City


To strengthen IGAD's capacity to fulfil the obligations of its regional mandate in leading and coordinating the implementation of the drought resilience initiative.


Technical and Human Resource Support Support to IGAD Secretariat with the technical assistance required to implement the drought resilience initiatives by: (i)Recruitment of technical Staff for Regional Coordination Unit: (ii)Financing studies and the development of supportive policy and legal frameworks at member state and regional levels (iii)Recruitment of additional staff for the relevant divisions and units of IGAD. Institutional Support Support to IGAD Secretariat in terms of logistics: (i)Installation of ICT Infrastructure and enhancing the (water, agriculture ,livestock and NRM) information management systems (ii)Equipment for Regional Coordination Unit, IGAD Secretariat, IGAD divisions and specialized institutions (iii)Regional Coordination Meetings and enhancing linkages with member states and NSAs


The project aims to develop the capacity of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to fulfil the obligations of its regional mandate to lead and coordinate the implementation of the drought resilience and sustainability initiative in the Horn of Africa.More specifically, the project will develop the human resource capacity and physical infrastructure requirements of the IGAD Secretariat and provide resources to assist member states develop their capacity to sustainably cope with drought.


The objective of the project is linked with the Nairobi Declaration of the Heads of State and Government of 9th September 2011, which calls for enhanced regional and international partnership to end drought emergencies in the HoA. Considering that the response to the crisis needs to be regional in nature, it was agreed that the implementation of the HoAI will be led by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), through the creation of a Regional Platform, as the most effective mechanism for coordination. Although the Horn of Africa Initiative will be implemented essentially at national level, IGAD will be entrusted with a significant amount of planning, coordination, supervision and monitoring/evaluation. It will also be responsible for the coordination of the Donor Coordination Platform which is currently being put in place. The proposed project also takes cognizance of the Bank Group Regional Integration Strategy Paper (RISP) for Eastern Africa (2011-2015), especially the two pillars and the national development strategies of the different countries involved. The project will assist IGAD to develop its institutional and human-resource capacity under the Horn of Africa (HoA) Initiative to enable it to perform its duties, as engrained in its Vision, Mission and Objectives: (i)The Vision: IGAD will be the premier regional organization for achieving peace, prosperity and regional integration in the IGAD region. (ii)The Mission: The IGAD MISSION is to assist and complement the efforts of the Member States to achieve, through increased cooperation: "Food Security and environmental protection "Promotion and maintenance of peace and security and humanitarian affairs, and, "Economic cooperation and integration.