GPN - Mozambique - Temane Transmission Project - TTP

The Republic of Mozambique has received a financing in the amount of 33 million Dollars of the United States in form of a Grant from the African Development Fund (ADF) to finance the Temane Transmission Project (TTP). This project will be jointly financed with the World Bank, the Government of Norway, the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) as well an element of private investor funding.

Multinational - Temane transmission project (ttp) - Appraisal Report

The Temane Transmission Project (TTP) consists of a 563-km, 400-kV single-circuit HVAC (High Voltage Alternating Current) transmission line between VilanculosChibuto-Matalane-Maputo, associated with three new 400-kV substations at Vilanculos, Chibuto and Matalane, and expansion of the existing Maputo substation, including installation of other equipment (bus bar and line reactors, telecommunications, SCADA with control centre). With an estimated total funding requirement of USD 551.0 million, the TTP stands as a flagship project for Mozambique as it refers to the first phase of the STE...

Mozambique - Temane Transmission Project, Mozambique Integrated Transmission Backbone System (STE Project), Phase 1: Vilanculos – Maputo – ESIA Summary

Mozambique is in possession of abundant natural energy resources including a hydropower potential roughly estimated at 12,000 MW, large amounts of coal in the Tete area and substantial proven deposits of natural gas in the Buzi, Pande, Palma and Temane areas. These resources can provide Mozambique with electric power essential for economic development and for large scale power export to neighboring countries, in the medium to long-term, serving as a substantial source of export revenue and economic growth.