Project Details
Sector: Multi-Sector Approval date: 06-Oct-2004 Task Manager: MFALILA Kisa Ilava, RDGE4
Total cost: 22980000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 2100000
Cofinanced: 19280000
Government: 1600000
Implementing Agency: NILE BASIN INITIATIVE SECRETARIAT Location: Nile Basin countries


The specific objective of the project is to ensure that the Nile Basin water resources are developed and managed in an equitable, optimal, integrated, and sustainable manner.


The project consists of Capacity building in terms of formulation of Water Policy and in terms of Water Resources Planning and Management;preparation of a computer based Decision Support System (DSS); Regional coordination and Facilitation.


The Nile Basin Wide Water Sector Capacity Building Project seeks to build the framework, the relationships, and the information that will underpin and enable cooperative management and development of the Nile waters through the NBI. The broad benefits of cooperative Nile water management and development fall into four categories: Environmental benefits derived from integrated river basin management;Direct economic benefits derived from better basinwide planning and development of water resources;Regional political benefits, in terms of increased stability and diminished tensions over river control issues;Indirect economic benefits, in apparently unrelated sectors, that are enabled by increased productivity and interaction, and decreased regional tensions. The Nile Basin Wide Water Sector Capacity Building Project will generate substantial benefits by providing an analytical framework and tools to support basinwide planning and management of Nile water resources and related assets. Specific project benefits cannot be quantified because it is not possible to estimate the value of knowledge enhancement.However, the added knowledge, skills, and tools will position the countries to advance the NBI#s investment-oriented subsidiary action programs. In terms of social benefits, the sustainable development of water resources and water-related investment projects on a regional scale is central to the goal of poverty alleviation in the Nile Basin. This project will facilitate the identification and evaluation of multicountry Nile Basin Wide Water Sector Capacity Building Projects, based on sound information and decision making tools, for potential implementation through subsidiary action programs. The development of mutually acceptable and environmentally sound investment projects will support sustainable economic growth and improved social conditions. In the long term this will benefit the population of the Nile Basin.


The Nile Basin Wide Water Sector Capacity Building Project addresses the fundamental need for strengthening capacity and developing tools so that the Nile Basin countries can attain an equal level of capability for integrated water resources planning and management. The project addresses the need for furthering cooperation and making informed decisions at national and regional levels on the basis of:(i) Enhanced capacity in policy and strategic planning, (ii) Strengthened institutional capacity, (iii) Availability of common integrated water resource management tools, and (iv) Improved mechanisms for sharing information.