Project Details
ID: P-ZM-E00-001 Name: WATER/SANITAT. STUDY-7 CENTRES C/PROV. Status: Completed Country: Zambia
Sector: Water Sup/Sanit Approval date: 26-Nov-1998 Task Manager: ASSEFAW Mecuria, RDGS4
Total cost: 1887050
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 1870000
Implementing Agency: DEPARTMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE SUPPORT Location: In Central Province of Zambia and coveri


The objectives of the study are to: 1. To prepare the long-term plans and also first phase of the water supply and sanitation improvements works for the Six Urban Centres of Kabwe, Mumbwa, Sereje, Mkushi, Chimombo and Chisamba; and 2. Within the overall framework of the National Water Act, to define the most appropriate institutional arrangements to run these services;


The study will cover the centres of Kabwe, Kapiri-Mposhi, Mkushi, Serenje, Chisamba, Chisombo and Mumbwa and will involve: i) Collection, analysis and interpretation of data on population, water consumption, demands, development potential, socio-economic, for each town, ability and willingness to pay for the services; ii) Preparation of development plans for the long-term water supply and sanitation needs for each of the seven urban areas; iii) Investigations of the current status of the existing water and sanitation facilities in each of the centres, assessment of the water losses, and recommendation of rehabilitation and essential extension works; iv) Preparation of detailed designs, cost estimates and draft tender documents for the first phase of the recommended long term water supply and sanitation programme; v) Institutional study to recommend the process and inputs required to set-up commercial utilities to run these services;


The benefits of the study will include: i) preparation of the ground work for future development of water and sanitation services in the six urban areas; ii) definition of the least cost solution for improvement of the services in the identified centres; iii) preparation of documentation required to set up appropriate institution(s) to manage the services;


The creation of the proposed CUs is aimed at changing the Govern- ment's role from that of a provider for the services to that of a facilitator. The CUs are expected to be wholly responsible for the provision of these services in a sustainable way, by ensuring that the user and not the Government pays for the service. The proposed study is expected to lay the ground work for the formation of a water utility for the Central Province and shall also define both the immediate works including rehabilitation, and the long term developments of these services in the identified centres.