Project Details
ID: P-ZM-IA0-002 Name: EDUCATION II PREPARATION STUDY (TAA) Status: Closed Country: Zambia
Sector: Social Approval date: 26-Oct-1987 Task Manager: YOUNIS Abdi Ibrahim, OSHD1
Total cost: 693000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 660000
Government: 35000
Implementing Agency: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION ZAMBIA EDUCATION Location: "LUSAKA, KITWE, NDOLA areas and Rural Ar


The study will: 1) define the policy and operational guidelines relating to primary education and school building and maintenance aspects of the project; 2) review the current Science/technical curricula in relation to manpower requirements and teacher supply and define training programmes relating to primary teacher education; 3) produce detailed architectural and engineering designs required under the project with related tender and contract documents; 4) produce a comprehensive list of physical requirements and related tender and contract documents.


I) Policy and Operational Guidelines for Project: Identify policy issues and conditions for self-reliant educational development, survey of self-help skills at district levels; inventory of maintenance resources; costs of seminars and workshops in project management and preventive maintenance; updating of school maps; co-ordination with other donor agencies. II) Science/Technical Curricular: nature, relevance, teachers, procedures, programmes, costs. III) Architectural and Engineering Designs: production, analysis of costs. IV) Physical Requirements: construction materials, equipment, furniture, consumables, tenders and contracts for the foregoing.


1) Increase in enrolment; 2) Increase in teaching capacity; 3) Improved quality of education; 4) Economic and social development through meeting manpower requirements


Study to determine the conditions for project activities and the resource requirements of the project.