Project Details
ID: P-ZW-AB0-001 Name: MID-ZAMBEZI VALLEY RURAL DEV. (ADF) Status: Completed Country: Zimbabwe
Sector: Agriculture Approval date: 29-Oct-1986 Task Manager: MWANGI Josphine Nyokabi, OSAN1
Total cost: 13511833
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 8888152
Cofinanced: 2864472
Government: 1759209


The objectives of this project is to develope the Mid-Zambezi Valley, settle 3,000 families and improve the living conditions of these plus 4,600 families; and residents in the project area through provision of agricultural services and physical and social infrastructures; increase crop production thus ensuring self-sufficiency in food and cash incomes for the farming community and contribute to the earning of foreign exchange for the economy through exports; and conserve and utilize the natural resources in the area.


The project would settle 3,000 families thereby providing them with a gainful livelihood as well as easing the pressure of population in the overcrowded neighbouring communal areas. These families would be settled in some 130 villages of between 20 and 25 households, each depending on the availability of water supplies. The project would provide agricultural support for on-farm development, mechanization, credit, extension, co-operative and natural resource development. together with social and physical infrastructure, including rural services centres with clinics, feeder and access roads, classrooms and village water supplies. The project would also provide office facilities, vehicles and housing for staff. As a result of the project then, there would be a total cultivated land of 23, 100 ha, and an additional 32,340 ha of marginally arable land available to support livestock production. The project would result in incremental production of cotton and food crops such as maize, sorghum and millet.


The project will lead to increased agricultural production and will provide a livelihood to 3,000 settler families and will enhance livelihood of 4,600 resident families. Provision of social and physical infrastructure will stimulate economic growth in the project area and raise average income thus improving quality of life for 45,000 people.


After gaining independence in 1980 Zimbabwe had several issues to deal with in respect of developing rural areas and resettling some displaced people. Of the few development and particularly resettlement projects the Mid-Zambezi Rural Development Project offered opportunities to combine both resettling and development of the growing rural population in order to exploit the agricultural potential of the area.