Project Details
ID: P-ZW-DB0-005 Name: TRANSPORT SECTOR MASTER PLAN STUDY Status: Completed Country: Zimbabwe
Sector: Transport Approval date: 18-Dec-2013 Task Manager: MALINGA Richard, RDGS4
Total cost: 970000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 880000


The objective of the proposed study is to provide Government with a comprehensive National Transport Sector Master Plan with a strategic framework and investment plan for sustainable development of the transport infrastructure and services to support growth and wealth creation taking into account green and inclusive growth. .


The study comprises: (a)consulting services for; (i) preparation of the Master Plan; and (ii) audit services and (b) Study Support and Coordination.


The target area is the entire population of Zimbabwe and transit transport that will benefit from reduced cost of movement of goods persons and services as a result of improved transport infrastructure in the country upon implementation of the recommendations of the Transport Sector Master Plan. The master plan will improve Government's transport sector planning capacity and at the same time provide a strategic framework for leveraging resources for intervention. The master plan will provide prioritised and balanced development for all modes of transport based on economic benefits. In addition, the implementation of the identified projects/programmes in the Master Plan will generate employment in both the transport and services sub-sectors and enhance entrepreneurship from within the country and the region.


The proposed study is consistent with the Bank's Ten Year Strategy (2013-2022) objectives which among others includes: (i) provision of infrastructure to unlock the potential of the private sector, and to champion gender equality and community participation (inclusive growth);(ii) ensuring sustainable growth, protecting livelihoods and natural resources, and to promote resilience to climate change (green growth);and (iii) promoting the regional integration agenda of the regional member countries. The master plan will provide a comprehensive framework of prioritized investment transport projects taking into account demand and resource requirements and in addition build capacity in planning through counterpart training. The proposed study has come at a timely moment when: (i) the country is in the process of recovering from economic isolation by the international community; (ii) Government has adopted a Results-Based Management (RBM) System that focuses on clear results, outcomes and outputs, particularly in the infrastructure sector; and (iii) the Bank Group has committed to the New Deal of Engagement with Fragile States. The intervention will provide the basis for organizing efforts and leveraging resources from Development Partners towards the sustainable development of the sector. The Bank has experience and comparative advantage on the continent and the SADC region in particular in transport sector strategic planning and in this respect will be able to support the GOZ both financially and technically to prepare a plausible transport master plan taking into account intermodal linkages. The presence of the Zimbabwe Field office (ZMFO) will be of benefit to the study in monitoring and training of MOTID personnel on Bank Rules and Procedures.