Project Details
ID: P-ZW-FA0-003 Name: EPIRP SUPPLEMENTARY GRANT Status: Closed Country: Zimbabwe
Sector: Power Approval date: 18-Dec-2013 Task Manager: HARMSE Liezl Cecilia, RDGS4
Total cost: 3008900.9
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
Cofinanced: 3008902.7
Implementing Agency: ZIMBABWE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY AUTHORITY Location: Republic of Zimbabwe


2.2.1The objective of the Project is to improve the provision of adequate and reliable power supply in an environmentally sound manner through the rehabilitation of the ash handling plant at Hwange Power Station and the sub-transmission and distribution facilities in the country. The Project will also help to improve the reliability of electricity supply to the treatment plant of the Harare city water supply and other urban water supply systems and thereby help prevent another cholera outbreak in the country


4.1The supplementary financing proposal was approved on 25 July 2013 by the POC of the Zim-Fund, which is composed of the Zim-Fund donors and GOZ representatives, after consideration of the importance of achieving the original objectives of the Project. The Project is in alignment with the Bank Group's 2011-2013 Zimbabwe Country Brief (as well as the draft 2013 - 2015 version) and the Bank's Strategy (2013-2022) focus on infrastructure development. The inadequate provision or lack of reliable power supply services has affected the people of Zimbabwe more so the poor. It therefore significantly responds to the inclusive agenda and should be supported for the achievement of the full Project objective which is also in line with GOZ Medium Term Plan for 2011 - 2015.4.2This supplementary financing proposal meets the applicable general conditions and specific conditions for supplementary financing set out in the Bank Group Policy and Procedures for Supplementary Financing (ADB/BD/WP/97/83). The following factors have been considered in submitting this proposal: (i)The execution of the Project has commenced and is progressing satisfactorily from the technical perspective but will require additional resources to achieve its objectives.(ii)The cost increases are beyond the control of the GOZ, and the GOZ is not in a position to provide additional financing.(iii)There is need to build upon the recent power sector interventions so as to improve the deteriorated power supply infrastructure in the country. A delay in improvement of power supply services has high tangible and nontangible economic and social costs.(iv)It has not been possible to reduce the total cost of the project through changes of specifications or scope of work or services without significantly affecting the objective of the Project (v)The project is technically and economically viable even with the cost overruns.(vi)The Project cannot be reduced in size without damaging its ability to achieve the set objectives or its sustainability.(vii)There are no exogenous constraints: financial, managerial, or technical - that would hinder the completion of the Project