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Post Bid Submission

The contract awarded to a selected bidder will be notified in the AfDB Business Bulletin published by the Bank and on the Website. Also, contracts awarded will normally be displayed on the notice boards of the Borrower/Executing Agency concerned.
If any bidder considers that its bid has been rejected for unfair reasons, it can address a complaint, if it so wishes, to the Borrower, when the award is decided, the complaint may be copied to the Bank through the Operational Department Director and or the Executive Director representing the country of the bidder, before the Bank approves the contract to the recommended bidder. The Bank will review the complaint from its own perspective and obtain any additional information or clarifications from the Borrower. The procurement process will not be considered complete until the complaint is fully examined and considered.
It is the fiduciary responsibility of the Bank to oversee the whole of the Borrower’s procurement processing including the evaluation to ensure that its rules and procedures, regarding transparency, efficiency and equity are all complied with. Normally, a senior responsible officer from the Borrower/ Executing Agency’s office would be assigned to oversee the procurement process and to keep vigilance over the evaluating team, which may usually consist of 3 to 7 members. To assist and direct the team, the Bank has compiled a “Standard Bid Evaluation Form” to guide the Borrower in the evaluation process (it’s on the website). Consequently, the Bank has confidence in the Borrower, that the procurement process will be carried out in an impartial and transparent manner. Any bidder, who senses any type of fraud or corruption during the process, may direct a complaint to the Borrower/ Executing Agency, with a copy to the Bank’s Procurement Unit, containing information substantiating the allegation.
No special guarantee can be given. However, the Borrower is responsible for the evaluation process to be undertaken in a fair and transparent manner. It is the Bank’s fiduciary responsibility to oversee the process, and when its procedures are not properly followed, it reserves the right to declare misprocurement, and, to withdraw its funds from that particular contract.
There is no assistance required from anyone for submission of a complaint. Any bidder can directly send to the Bank a copy of his/ her complaint addressed to the Borrower/ Executing Agency. It is preferable and advisable to inform the Bank as early as possible, but before the Bank concludes its opinion on the recommendation of the Borrower.
Normally, the bids are invited from all firms, which obtained bid documents for the original bidding. However, in some cases the re-bidding may be limited to those who actually submitted bids, provided enough competition was noted in the original bidding.