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Disbursement procedures

The Loan Disbursement Handbook of the African Development Bank Group provides guidance on disbursement. It is useful reference guide for Borrowers, staff, executing agencies, co-financiers, suppliers, project management units (PMIs) and other contracting parties for the efficient withdrawal of loan/grant proceeds.

The guidance to disbursement procedures includes a wide range of useful information on lending instruments, the legislative framework, disbursement methods, policies, accounting and financial management as well as other relevant issues.

A good understanding of our disbursement policies, guidelines, practices, and procedures are instrumental for ensuring an efficient disbursement operation. The Handbook complements and supports project implementation at the bank. It applies equally to both loan and grant-funded AFDB investment projects and programs. The current Disbursement Handbook (2012 edition) supersedes previous editions.

For further information, please inquire from the following address or contact the Bank's representative in your country.

The Secretariat of the Disbursements Division,
Telephone: +216 71 10 29 13