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Standard bidding documents

Based upon the Bank’s revised Rules and Procedures for Procurement of Goods and Works, which, were approved by the Boards of Directors in May 2008, new Standard Bidding Documents (SBDs) have been prepared (in both French and English). The SBDs and their respective User’s Guides (where applicable) have been compiled by the African Development Bank for use by its Borrowers. The SBDs are based on the corresponding Master Procurement Documents (MPDs), prepared by the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and International Financing Institutions (IFIs).

The MPDs were designed to be used as models for issuing new and better harmonized SBDs for each individual multilateral institution and they reflect what are considered “best practices”, while allowing for institutional and member country considerations. Accordingly, the African Development Bank’s SBDs reflect the structure and the provisions of the MPDs, except where institution-specific considerations have required some changes.

These new SBDs become effective on the date of their publication on the Bank’s Website, and shall be applicable to all projects under which reference is made to the revised Rules and Procedures (May 2008) in the Loan or Grant Protocol Agreements.

However, this requirement shall not be applicable to any procurement for which:

  • The Specific Procurement Notice (SPN) has already been published, or
  • The Bank has already granted a no-objection to the bidding document.

The preparation of new User Guides is currently at the translation stage and these will also be posted on the Website as soon as both language versions are finalized.

A - Standard Bidding Documents for Goods and Works

Standard Bidding Document for procurement of Goods

Standard Bidding Documents for procurement of Works

Standard Bidding Document for procurement of Plant

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B - Standard Request for Proposals for Consultancy Services

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C - Standard Forms, Templates and Others Documents