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Resources for Businesses

The African Development Bank funds development projects and program in Africa in accordance with its mandate. Such funding generates opportunities for the business communities within the 80 member countries and provides them with an opportunity to support economic and social development in the continent.

The African Development Bank’s charter requires that bidders for contracts in projects financed by the Bank Group should be nationals of one of the 80 member countries. The charter of the African Development Fundwas amended recently to permit procurement from suppliers, contractors and consultants from any country. Further conditions for eligibility are given in the Procurement Policies of the Bank.

Interested bidders will be able to find tender noticesexpressions of interest for consulting services, and contract award information in this section.

The Bank has a well defined complaint procedure for bidders and contractors who are dissatisfied with the process followed. This process is described in the Procurement Policies of the Bank.

Note: This section does not deal with bidding opportunities for provision of goods, works and services for the internal requirement of the Bank. Information relating to these opportunities is available here.

General Procurement Notices (GPNs)