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Bank Country Procurement Assessment (BCPA) Reports

As part of its development mandate, the Bank assists its regional member countries in reviewing their public procurement policies, procedures and practices. The main instrument for this diagnostic work is the Bank Country Procurement Assessment (BCPA) Report. This analytical tool is prepared on the basis of the OECD-DAC Methodology for Assessing Procurement System (MAPS), which facilitates collaboration with other Donors (bilateral and multilateral) in producing joint assessment, like the World Bank’s Country Procurement Assessment Reports (CPARs) for countries in Africa. The BCPA report is meant to supplement the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) Procedures Assessment done by the Bank since 2009 for deciding whether or not these procedures can be used in Bank-financed projects for non-ICB contracts. This comprehensive report is designed to help support the development and improvement of procurement governance at country level and is used to develop and establish an action plan to improve a country's public procurement system. 

 1.  A list of the most recent NCB Procedures Assessment are available at
 2.  Model of BCPA Report Annotated Outlines 
 3.  Model of Initiating Memorandum of BCPA Report
 4.  A list of the most recent publicly available CPARs, are available at the web site of the               World Bank.