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Project implementation starts from the moment the project is declared effective. ADB Group projects are implemented by the executing agency according to the agreed schedule and procedures. The supervision of implementation however enables the Bank Group to make sure the physical realization of the project is progressing smoothly and in accordance with the implementation schedule and details.

Project consultants are recruited as needed to assist the Government. For example, in an infrastructure project, the detailed engineering design and bidding documents are prepared, machinery and equipment are procured, and civil works are constructed and installed. These are some times financed from grant resources mobilized by the Bank’s cooperation and partnership division.

The preparatory work for construction work for example, which may take 6-12 months or longer, includes:

  • recruiting consultants
  • preparing tender documents and detailed designs
  • procuring equipment
  • selecting contractors for construction

Borrowing countries are generally advised and encouraged to complete these activities prior to loan negotiation and loan signature - except effective signing of the contracts - to minimize any take off delays in project implementation. As such, ADB Group promotes advance procurement action - recognizing that preparing tender documents, and establishing a project implementing unit with key staff are important part of the project readiness activities. Advance recruitment of consultants for loan projects is a normal procedure and does not require advance approval from the Management.

As indicated, ADB's Group project divisions review the physical implementation progress as well as monitor achievement of development objectives in close coordination with the borrower and the executing agencies. ADB disburses the loan for approved expenditures, as and when provided in the loan agreement upon necessary justifications.

Implementation time generally ranges from two to five years but depends on the type and nature of the project. ADB Group's review missions assess the progress of project implementation by visiting it at least twice a year throughout the implementation period. This is often a multidisciplinary and interdepartmental mission undertaken in some cases as supervision missions and some other cases as portfolio review missions.

The ADB generally requires the borrower to submit regular project progress reports. Information on the project's implementation progress and status of development objectives and loan agreements are added to the project information document during the implementation phase.