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Post evaluation

After the project facilities and technical assistance activities are completed, ADB prepares a project completion report (PCR) or technical assistance completion report to document the implementation experience. These reports are prepared within 12 - 24 months of the completion of the project.

Evaluation has changed within the AfDB. Early work concentrated on input-output relationships in projects, using economic analysis, but this has evolved to cover the entire results chain of inputs, outputs, outcomes, and impacts.

The focus of evaluation studies has shifted from the project to the country, informed by sector and thematic assessments as well as by evaluations of AfDB's own business processes. A full mix of lending and non-lending services that make up the Bank’s country assistance programs has now become the dominant preoccupation of evaluation, with priority attention to relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Generally the Bank’s concern as to whether the objectives of its projects and programs are being met is now a major responsibility of the Bank’s Evaluation Department (OPEV). The key performance indicators used in evaluating the success of projects and programs are developed around the following:  i) the relevance and achievement of objectives at project appraisal; ii) the borrower’s implementation performance; iii) adherence to project cycle time frame, the performance and the role of the Bank; iv) institutional development performance of the project; and v) the sustainability of project or program results. 

The assessment of the degree of performance for individual projects is based on a point rating or scoring system with scores ranging from 0-4. A 3-4 rating signifies a “highly satisfactory” performance.

Project Completion Report (PCR) Evaluation Notes is the tool used specifically for performance evaluation, but Project Officers also rate performance of projects for which project completion reports have not been evaluated by OPEV. The relevance and achievement of objectives (RAO), is by far the single strongest indicator of implementation performance of Bank Group operations and a project is highly satisfactory if it scores a rating of 3 or above.

Operations exhibiting the lowest ratings on similar performance indicators used to highlight successful projects are regarded as failed, unsuccessful or even dismal operations, from project appraisal objectives and expected outputs. Operations evaluation has made the Bank Group a knowledge-based institution and a leader in collection of Africa’s development experience in all sectors of development process, both for project and policy-based operations.