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Project identification

ADB Group works with each borrowing regional member country to define a medium-term to long-term development strategy and operational program in a document called country strategy paper (CSP), formerly Economic Prospects and Country Programming (ECPC) papers. The CSP or CSPAR taking into consideration an exigency for performance and results, is aligned to the country's own development plan and poverty reduction goals, and its preparation or planning cycle.

In preparation for a new CSP, the ADB Group conducts multidisciplinary economic analysis and studies  in close consultation with the government and other country stakeholders including civil society, nongovernment organizations, private sector, as well as the country's other development partners in a participatory approach. The CSP is thus a general macro-economic study of the major economic, fiscal and financial features of the country; evaluating its past performance, economic trends and development prospects. In the light of the overall sectoral analysis, priority sectors and sub-sectors likely to benefit from Bank Group financing are outlined. This therefore is a major instrument of ADB Group policy dialogue with the countries.  

Drafts of CSPs are shared and reviewed with in-country stakeholders during its development and preparation. This also affords an opportunity for aid coordination and synergic partnership with other development agencies.  All CSPs are posted on ADB's web site after ADB's Board of Directors approvals. CSPs are the blue print for Bank Group intervention strategies in the borrowing regional countries.

Periodically, ADB's Operations Evaluation Department (OPEV)  evaluates ADB's country strategy and assistance program for a country with a view to determining its relevance and the level of development effectiveness achieved in case of post evaluation of projects. The Bank Group has developed an enviable performance evaluation indicators and methodology under which the Bank’s, the county’s and the executing agency’s performance are assessed and scored. Looking back at experience over a longer period, these country assistance program evaluations assess the development impact of ADB assistance.