Doraleh Container Terminal


  • Reference: P-DJ-D00-001
  • Approval date: 24/09/2008
  • Start date: 15/12/2009
  • Appraisal Date: 30/06/2008
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Location: Djibouti


2.1 The project entails the construction of a new container terminal at a natural deep water port at Doraleh, a few kilometers from the existing Djibouti port, to handle exclusively all container business in Djibouti. The Djibouti port will continue to operate for bulk cargo traffic only. 2.2 The Terminal will have a total quayline length of 1.5 km and a capacity to handle 1.55 million TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) per year from 2015. The terminal will have the deepest draft in the region at 18 meters and will be able to receive vessels with a capacity up to 12,000 TEUs. The new terminal will be operational by Q1 2009 and will increase Djibouti port's capacity fivefold. The current financing plan covers the development of Phase 1, which includes the construction of 1 ,050 meters of the quay. Phase 2, which is not the subject of this financing, will see the quayline extended to 1,500 meters.


The project is well aligned with the Bank's mandate to support the development of modern infrastructures in Africa that will foster trade, sustainable economic growth, and regional integration. The Bank's involvement in the project is critical to ensure project success.

The project is economically and financially viable, environmentally sound, and represents a good commercial opportunity for the Bank

Key contacts

NGANDU Willy Budibunene - PISD2


Finance source Amount
ADBUSD 49,214,415
Co-financierUSD 195,012,119
DeltaUSD 74
TotalUSD 244,226,460