• Reference: P-EG-FF0-008
  • Appraisal Date: 04/05/2016
  • Board Presentation: 13/07/2016
  • Status: PipelinePIPE
  • Implementing Agency: --
  • Location: EGYPT


Design, construction and operation of a 50 MW solar power project to be implemented under the Solar Photovoltaic Feed-in Tariff ("FiT") Program, an initiative where the Government of Egypt ("GoE") seeks to implement 2 ,300 MW of Solar PV projects. The Project will be located in Minya (west of Nile), which is identified to fall within the highest solar irradiation zone (up to 2,241 kwh/m2 per annum) in the country. A proven technology, poly-crystalline PV technology with horizontal single axis trackers will be used as identified the most suitable in the pre-feasibility report. The Project includes the construction of substations and transmission lines through cost-sharing with The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company ("EETC"). The Project aims to reach financial close by October 2016 as per a requirement to the FiT Program and achieve COD by May 2017.

Key contacts

AMU Orison Mawumenyo - PERN2

Estimated Cost