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  • Reference: P-ET-E00-007
  • Approval date: 08/09/2014
  • Start date: 01/07/2015
  • Appraisal Date: 05/03/2014
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Implementing Agency: GOVERNMENT OF ETHIOPIA
  • Location: Ethiopia


Program Description The Development objective of the (Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene ) WaSH is to improve access to water supply and sanitation in Ethiopia, thereby contributing to the achievement of government of Ethiopia Growth and Tansformation Pan (GTP) as well as Water related Millennium development Goal. The main component of the program includes: -

(i) Program Support

(ii) Rural and urban Water Supply

(iii) Sanitation and Hygiene and

(iv) Capacity building component. Over all construction and rehabilitation of 7805 schemes is planned by the program. Accordingly, about 3 Million people are anticipated to get access to water supply and sanitation facilities. Cross cutting issues such as gender, Empowerment of women in the implementation of the Program,O&M of the services, Environmental protection and rehabilitation works around the catchment of the water sources of water supply schemes will be given due attention. the program will be implemented using the WaSH Implementation frame work (WIF) which has been prepared for the program. As per the WIF, there will be one Basket fund, one plan and one report for all the development partners . the program will follow SWAP arrangements.

The proposed preparation schedule is as follow;- 1.Project concept review -------- Third quarter in 2013 2.Identification mission ---------- April/2013 3.Preparation mission ------------ sptember 2013 4.Quality enhancement review ---- second quarter in 2014. 5.Appraisal and Negotiation ------- Appraisal in Feb./2014 and board approval in June 2014 The project preparation mission has been conducted in April 1 and 2/2013 and discussion has been held with the Ministry of water and energy, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and Development partners. the mission members include: the Manager of OWAS 2, Water and Sanitation specialist,ETFO, Financial Mgmt specialist and Procurement officer from ETFO.


11.The Development Objectives for the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program II is to improve access to rural water supply and sanitation in Ethiopia, thereby contributing to the achievement of Government of Ethiopia (GOE) Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) as well as the water related Millennium Development Goal.


The Rural Water and Sanitation Program II should be supported for a number of reasons:

(i). The Program is fit with in the Pillar of the Bank's for current CSP for Ethiopia. Pillar I focuses on supporting infrastructure for enhanced growth. The infrastructure developments in this project such as hydro power, transport and water supply and sanitation are contributing to the medium to long term strategy of improved infrastructure services for competitiveness.

(ii).The project also fits in the Bank's Medium Term Strategy that aims at providing for the support and capacity of RMCs to sustainably manage water resources and mainstream Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) practice. The project addresses both the infrastructure improvement and capacity building targets of the MTS, the CSP and MTP.

"The project is located in all the 9 Regions of the country in 177 districts where there are shortage of water which has affected the health of the rural people and the development program. Thus, the inhabitants are supportive to the implementation of the RWSS Program. This program will resolve the lack of water and poor sanitation and the current disease because of shortage of water such as, typhoid, amoeba etc which are common in the selected districts

People spend a lot of time searching for water for domestic use and for livestock. In the dry seasons, in particular, people cover long distances (over 5 KM) to get to the nearest water source.


3 MillionPeople will get access to the water supply and sanitation facilities The community will not be affected with the water born disease.

Key contacts



Finance source Amount
ADFUAC 60,000,000
RWSSIUAC 6,810,000
TotalUAC 66,810,000
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