Barclays Bank Export Oriented SME Program


  • Reference: P-GH-K00-010
  • Approval date: 01/04/2008
  • Start date: 01/04/2009
  • Appraisal Date: 22/11/2007
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Implementing Agency: BARCLAYS BANK GHANA LTD
  • Location: Ghana


The proposed project will support Ghana's export-oriented SMEs by facilitating access to credit and technical assistance (TA). The PCGF is a 10-year USD 20 million guarantee facility, whereby the Bank will cover 50% of the exposure on outstanding loan principal when the selected partner banks lend to export-oriented SMEs and SME organizations. The partner banks are Barclays Bank Ghana (BBG) and the Prudential Bank Ghana (PBG. Under the this program, an SME is eligible if

(i) it has been legally registered in Ghana;

(ii) it is currently producing commodities that have an export potential;

(iii) it covers at least 20% of the investment; and

(iv) its loan requirements fall within the bracket of USD 15,000 to USD 2 million. This minimum loan requirement was based on:

(i) the size of loan requested, which would normally be in proportion to the asset size to be considered by banks;

(ii) the mission's assessment of the needs of the "missing middle",

(iii) the need for flexibility in partner banks' financing decisions, and

(iv) other financing offerings in the market, e.g. USAID, IFC. The project consists of two primary components:

(i) a partial credit guarantee facility (PCGF) through two partner commercial banks, and

(ii) a technical assistance (TA) grant for capacity building through a range of SME support organizations


The project is to support the Ghanaian government effort to expand export-led development, improve foreign exchange surpluses and boost growth, in May 2007 the Government of Ghana (GOG) commissioned a study on the constraints faced by small to medium-scale enterprises (SMEs). The study found that Ghanaian SMEs faced limited access to finance because of the high perceived risks and the relatively large transaction costs for the local financial institutions. A 2007 survey of SMEs by the IFC revealed similar constraints faced by women entrepreneurs in particular, who in Ghana represent as much as half of the labor force in micro enterprises and the retail trade.


Access to finance by export-oriented SMEs, in particular producers of non-traditional exports (NTEs), which are too small for corporate loans but whose needs are larger than micro-loans (the "missing middle"). The other benefits will include capacity building for SME exporters, and linkage to markets.

Key contacts

IDE Peter MacDonald - PISD2


Finance source Amount
ADBUSD 12,647,422
FAPAUSD 632,371
Co-financierUSD 158,093
DeltaUSD 23
TotalUSD 13,437,863
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