Mombasa-Mariakani Road Dualling Project


  • Reference: P-KE-DB0-021
  • Approval date: 11/03/2015
  • Start date: 22/01/2016
  • Appraisal Date: 30/10/2014
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Location: Mombasa


A Road construction civil works This component involves dualling of Mombasa - Mariakani (41.7 km) road including construction of drainage structures, grade separated junctions, foot over bridges, road safety features, walkways, street lightings, environmental and social mitigation measures. It will also include the maintenance of the road for five years following the completion of the work and the operation of axle load monitoring facilities financed by the project. The civil works will be tendered as two (2) independent lots.

B Consulting Services and training This component includes

(i) construction supervision services for the road civil works described above (the supervision services will also be divided into two (2) lots corresponding to the civil works contracts);

(ii) Impact assessment of investments in road sub-sector;

(iii) Provision for studies of a pipeline project;

(iv) Project Audit;

(v) HIV/AIDS, gender, road safety awareness and sensitization, and monitoring of ESMP; and

(vi) Training of unemployed youth.

C Institutional Support The technical assistance will include consultancy services for

(i) Development of Guideline on Gender Mainstreaming;

(ii) Capacity building on planning and management of road maintenance contracts; and,

(iii)Project Coordination.

D Compensation and resettlement This component makes provision for the adequate compensation and resettlement of Project Affected Persons identified in the Project Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, and relocation of utilities.


The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the improved performance of the economic sectors and the delivery of social services in Kenya and its neighbouring regional partner's states such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi by improving the transport network and to contribute to regional integration.


Under the Vision 2030, the Government of Kenya identified the transport sector as a facilitator of rapid economic growth and reconstruction, poverty eradication and wealth creation for the Country. The present supply of transport infrastructure in the country has been noted to be inadequate and not matching the demands.

The problem is more pronounced on the import export corridor as it will have significant impact on doing business in the country. Considering this fact, GOK with the support from development partners is investing on projects which will improve the capacity and conditions of the import export corridors, which will also have significant impact on the economic development of the neighboring land locked countries. These investments are also playing a major role in facilitating the regional integrations.

The upgrading of the project road, the first section from the Mombasa side, being the busiest section on the corridor, will bring significant change in reducing travel time and VOC which translates into making the private sector more competitive in the international market.


Given the strategic importance of the project road on the local, regional, national and international levels, a large number of groups and economic activities will benefit from the implementation of the project. The main beneficiaries will be:- "Transporters and vehicle owners operating on the road through reduced vehicle operating cost. "The local population (consumers, producers, traders etc.) "Kenyan, Ethiopian, Ugandan, Rwandese and Burundian producers of exportable goods and services (commerce, industry, agriculture and tourism sectors etc). "Kenyan public administration and security sectors.

Key contacts

MAMMO Zerfu Tessema - RDGE3


Finance source Amount
ADFUAC 80,000,000
GovernmentUAC 8,540,000
Co-financierUAC 100,880,000
TotalUAC 189,420,000
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