Power Transmission Improvement Project


  • Reference: P-KE-FA0-004
  • Approval date: 06/12/2010
  • Start date: 14/05/2012
  • Appraisal Date: 01/05/2010
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Location: Central, Rift valley and Western Regions


The project consists of construction, on a turnkey basis, five (5) 132 kV transmission lines and related substations. The lines to be constructed are as follows:

(i)88 km of 132 kV Ishiara-Kieni-Embu,

(ii)238 km of 132 kV Nanyuki-Nyahururu-Kabarnet-Lessos,

(iii)68km of 132 kV Olkaria-Narok,

(iv)33 km of 132 kV Sotik-Bomet, and

(v)153 km of 132 kV Mwingi-Kitui-Sultan Hamud-Wote.


The main objective is to extend power to the rural areas and increase access rate of electricity from 10% to 20% in the next three years. The other associated objective is to reduce power system losses thus saving on generation investment costs.


The electricity transmission system in Kenya is overloaded and has high energy losses. There is therefore need to reduce the power system losses by constructing additional transmission line facilities. The proposed project is therefore justified by the fact that it will lead to a reduction of power system losses in the country and make more power available to the consumers. The project will also make it possible for more consumers to be connected to the national grid since the lines and substations constructed will increase the availability of power to the project areas.


It is anticipated that when the project is completed, the voltage in the project areas will be improved thus allowing the residents in the areas to access improved quality of electricity supply. The improved quality and availability of electricity supply will make it possible for KPLC and the Rural Electricity Agency (REA) to extend power to new areas thus allowing more consumers to be connected. Moreover, KPLC will reduce the losses on its system thus eliminating the need for immediate investment in the generation facilities.

Key contacts

ASFAW Solomon Abebe - RDGE4


Finance source Amount
ADFUAC 46,700,000
GovernmentUAC 4,809,537
DeltaUAC 3,300,000
TotalUAC 54,809,537