Support to the Finalisation f the Prsp


  • Reference: P-KM-KF0-004
  • Approval date: 25/02/2011
  • Start date: 25/02/2012
  • Appraisal Date: 04/02/2011
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Implementing Agency: GOUVERNEMENT DES COMORES
  • Location: Comoros


L'objectif principal du Don est de soutenir la mise en


L'Union des Comores s'est dot


The project will help strengthen institutional capacities in the following areas:

(i) Training related to the implementation of the PSRP (EUR 307'179): Under this component, the FSF will finance training on tools and methods of strategic planning, the coordination and the result-focused evaluation of aid programs within the 2010-2014 PRSP for staff of the CGP, the budget department and various sector ministries. The need for such training was identified in the last Bank mission as a component of the Bank's current technical support to the CGP in the implementation of the PSRP.

(ii) Technical assistance to the Commissariat General du Plan - CGP (EUR 125'200): This assistance is the extension of the current Technical Assistance financed under Pillar III of the FSF of six (6) national consultants to the "Commissariat General du Plan" (CGP). The first technical assistance was for a period of eighteen (18) months starting in June 2009; the original request received from the Government of the Union of Comoros asks for an extension of this Technical Assistance for a period of two (2) years. This memorandum however recommends a twelve (12) months extension of the six (6) contracts to continue supporting the ongoing efforts in the implementation of the PRSP, the elaboration of an associated action plan 2010-2014 and to support the administrative and financial management of related activities within the CGP. This aims at covering a gap in financing within the budget of the CGP. The CGP has been informed about the need to regularise the 6 experts as staff members of the CGP by the end of the 12 months extension.

The implementation of the program will strengthen the following area:

(i) elaboration and implementation of the PRSP;

(ii) aid management and coordination;

(iii) monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the PRSP;

(iv) support to the procurement process;

(v) implementation of the recent study on growth financed under the Pillar III of the FSF (considering particularly the agriculture and private sector);

(vi) management of the FSF resources.

Key contacts

TEUFEL Frederik - RDGE4


Finance source Amount
Co-financierUAC 383,310
TotalUAC 383,310