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  • Reference: P-NA-DZ0-001
  • Approval date: 13/12/2017
  • Start date: 07/06/2018
  • Appraisal Date: 14/07/2017
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Location: ERONGO and KHOMAS Regions


The project is proposed as the Namibia Transport Infrastructure Improvement Project (Phase I) that shall include two main interventions (A) Upgrade of the Walvis Bay - Tsumeb Railway Line and; (B) Upgrade of the Windhoek to Hosea Kutako International Airport Road Phase 2A Upgrade of the Walvis Bay - Tsumeb Railway Line The Walvis Bay - Tsumeb line (612 km) that forms part of the Trans-Cunene Corridor and Trans-Zambezi Corridor linking to Angola, Zambia, DRC is of high priority. The rail upgrade has been conceptualised in to sections;

(i) Walvis Bay to Kranzberg and

(ii) Kranzberg to Tsumeb. This intervention is planned to for the Walvis Bay - Kranzberg Section (210 km). The intervention is to be divided into three works packages for the implementation as Package A: Walvis Bay - Arandis; Package B: Arandis - Kranzberg; and Package C: Supply of rails and associated accessories. The expected outcome is the increased capacity of the railway line with the improved axle load capacity to meet the SADC standards, and the resulting increased train speeds to about 60-80 km/hr for freight in comparison to the present average speed of 20-40 km/hr. The increased capacity will promote competitiveness of the railway sub-sector with the ripple effect of

(i) job creation estimated at 4,000 indirect jobs and

(ii) increased revenues for rail operator(s) and

(iii) reduced cost for transport for the corridor with promotion of a more balanced modal split between road and rail, which is heavily skewed to road at present. Specific activities have also been identified under the institutional and capacity building component, to complement the rail upgrading works (TA to support Implementing Agency in project management) and develop a project pipeline (Update of the Design for Grootfontein - Rundu Railway - including the Otavi - Grootfontein section; and Feasibility Study for the Rundu - Katima Mulilo (Zambia border) Railway - (Trans-Zambezi Corridor)).

Upgrade of the Windhoek to Hosea Kutako International Airport Road Phase 2A The proposed works is the upgrade of the road link between the Capital City Windhoek and the Hosea Kutako International Airport. This shall entail the construction of the TR9/1 freeway with a new alignment with the existing road to be used for local traffic. The mission reviewed the arguments put forward in deciding on the solution of upgrading the existing road alignment to freeway standards, versus the proposed "greenfield" new alignment, and noted the sound counter arguments of the requirements for re-alignments, access control and need for additional; service roads.

The road development has been divided into three sections viz.:

(i)Phase 1 - 8 km. Section from the intersection of Auas Road/ Western Bypass intersection up to the Otjihase Interchange. The works are ongoing, awarded in January 2016 to M/s China Seventh Railway Group

(ii)Phase 2A - 19.5 km: Section between Sam Nujoma Interchange to the east of the Kapps Farm Interchange.

(iii)Phase 2B - 21.3 km. Section from Kapps Farm to HKIA. The demarcation between Phase 2A and 2B has been informed by the effort of rationalizing the scope of works to obtain better balance from a construction perspective. Phase 2A is characterized with a rolling to mountainous terrain as compared to a rolling to flat terrain of Phase 2B. The proposed intervention shall be for Phase 2A


The overall objective of the intervention shall be to contribute to reduction of poverty and inequality, and boost economic growth through addressing bottlenecks in the transport infrastructure. The specific objective is to promote linkages of the ports (Walvis Bay sea port, in particular) to the hinterland and to the neighbouring countries; to support the Namibia's Vision 2030 of becoming a regional logistics hub.

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Finance source Amount
ADBZAR 103,866,428
GovernmentZAR 184,466,776
DeltaZAR 17,844
TotalZAR 288,315,360
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