• Reference: P-RW-C00-003
  • Approval date: 28/06/2016
  • Start date: 29/06/2017
  • Appraisal Date: 31/03/2016
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Location: Rwanda


7 Desription of activities covered by the preparation grant:

7.1 Support the development of the Rwanda Investment Plan Consultancy services will be procured to assist in developing the Rwanda FIP Investment document that will include: 1. Analysis of national forest policy and strategies in the context of climate change 2. Analysis of agents and causes of deforestation and forest degradation in Rwanda 3. Analysis of potential mitigation and adaptation measures needed in the forestry sector in Rwanda 4. Elaborate a joint agroforestry strategy (MINIRENA and MINAGRI) towards the Forest Landscape Restoration 5. Development of the Forest Investment Plan including the identification of candidate projects 6. Develop detailed project documents to be submitted to Green Climate Fund or other funds.

7.2 Organization of meetings and workshops with key stakeholders during the elaboration of Forest Investment Plan document These will involve:

1. The Sector Working Group for Environment and Natural Resources, which consists of government institutions, NGOs and private sector relevant to the FIP process. 2. Meetings of FIP Planning Team to provide technical inputs and policy/sectoral level guidance and harmonization. 3. National and District level consultative meetings and workshops with key stakeholders (government, civil society, NGOs, project implementers) for the identification of priority areas for the FIP. 4. National and District level validation meetings and workshops with key stakeholders for the identification of priority areas for the FIP. 5. Bilateral agencies and development partners to develop synergy for the FIP.

7.3 Support the Steering and Technical Committees for effective monitoring and control towards the development of the Forest Investment Plan Activities will include meetings to provide supervisory as well as advisory responsibility to ensure effective implementation of the FIP formulation program, regularly updating the MDBs on the progress made and endorsement/approval of the Rwanda


The main objective of the Investment Plan Preparation Grant is to finance the technical consultancies, stakeholder consultations and coordination for the development of the FIP Investment Plan of Rwanda.

Key contacts

GARBA Louali - RDGE4


Finance source Amount
Co-financierUSD 179,643
TotalUSD 179,643