Road Sector Support Project Phase II


  • Reference: P-TZ-DB0-019
  • Approval date: 07/04/2012
  • Start date: 25/07/2013
  • Appraisal Date: 13/08/2011
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Implementing Agency: TANROADS -Tanzania National Roads Agancy
  • Location: Central and southern Tanzania


The Tanzania Road Sector Support Project Phase II consists of the following:

(i)Upgrading of 387km of trunk roads comprising Dodoma (Mayamaya)-Babati (Bonga) road (188km) and Tunduru-Mangaka-Mtambaswala road(204km) road;

(ii)Supervision services for the civil works above;

(iii)Sensitization of HIV/AIDS, STI and TB;

(iv) Road Safety;

(v) Baseline data Collection and Monitoring of ESMP Implementation;

(iv) Capacity Building;

(v) Audit;

(vi) Compensation and Resettlement.


The project objective is to improve road transport infrastructure to reduce road maintenance, vehicle operating costs and travel time between Dodoma and Babati and between Tunduru, Mangaka and Mtambaswala and provide access to the communities in the zone of influence to bigger markets and to social services and contribute to reduction of poverty.


The Dodoma-Babati road (225km)is part of the Cape to Cairo Trans-African Highway and the North-South Corridor adopted through a tripartite agreement by the EAC, SADC and COMESA. Dodoma is the political capital city of Tanzania and the seat of parliament.

The Tunduru-Mangaka road (139km)is a section of the Mtwara Corridor running from the Mtwara port to Mbaba Bay on Lake Nyasa/Malawi. The 800km Mtwara to Mbamba Bay road provides the backbone transport infrastructure with cross-border linkages to northern Mozambique and into Malawi and Zambia across Lake Malawi. The Government of Tanzania is promoting the development of a whole range of economic investment opportunities along the Mtwara corridor.

The Bank currently is financing the Arusha-Namanga-Athi River Road Project jointly with JICA as part of a multinational project covering Tanzania and Kenya, the Babati-Minjingu as a section of the larger Singida-Babati-Minjingu Road Upgrading Project, the Dodoma-Iringa and Tunduru-Namtumbo as part of Road Sector Support Project Phase I. The construction of the Dodoma-Babati and Tunduru-Mangaka roads as part of Phase II will complement Bank's intervention during the ADF XII and close missing links on the two corridors.The two projects are consistent with the Results-Based Country Strategy Paper (CSP 2011 -2015) for Tanzania and the Medium Term Strategy (2008-2012) that puts emphasis on infrastructure.

Tanzania recognizes that the low capacity of the executing agencies and the contracting industry has limited its ability to implement projects. The Bank under this project will further strengthen the capacity in the transport sector.


Farmers and communities in Arusha, Babati will be connected to the administrative capital Dodoma with an all weather road and the regional traders from Zambia, Kenya and beyond will have access to central Tanzania. The communities within the zone influence will benefit from reduced transport costs, travel times and easy access to social services.

The opening up of road connectivity between Mtwara port and Mbamba Bay has great potential to promote the development of natural resources in the zone of influence of the Mtwara corridor as well as connecting northern Mozambique and Malawi to the nearest port of Mtwara.

Capacity building in TANROADS will improve its project implementation capacity and improve disbursements.

Key contacts

AGUMA Bassy Jeremy - RDGE3


Finance source Amount
ADFUAC 140,000,000
ACFAUAC 62,154,596
GovernmentUAC 10,640,000
DeltaUAC 14,596
TotalUAC 212,780,000
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