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  • Reference: P-TZ-E00-008
  • Approval date: 16/09/2015
  • Start date: 11/03/2016
  • Appraisal Date: 29/05/2015
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Implementing Agency: Arusha Urban Water Sup & Sanita Autority
  • Location: Tanzania


Construction of Water Supply and Sanitation Facilities This component includes the rehabilitation of existing facilities and constructing of new ones to increase the percentage of the population with access to water and sanitation facilities. Activities under this component include:

(i) rehabilitation of existing water sources and facilities and construction of new ones, including boreholes and pumping station installations

(ii) rehabilitation and construction of transmission pipelines

(iii) rehabilitation and construction of distribution pipelines

(iv) improvement of sanitation and hygiene

(v) procurement of service providers for design and supervision and procurement of contractors for construction.

Institutional support This component includes support in the strengthening of the operational capacity of the water and sewerage authorities


The objectives of the project are to:

a) Improved access to water and sanitation services in urban areas.

b) Institutional strengthening including improved operational capacity of the water and sewerage authority.


The proposed Bank support is in line with the Country's Development Framework as laid out in the National Vision 2025 and the Bank Strategy (2013-2022). It is also in line with the National Water Sector Development Strategy and will complement the first phase of the Water Sector Development Program scheduled for completion in 2014.


The proposed intervention will enhance public health and raise the living standards of the urban population. Improved access to water supply will also sustain other services and socio economic activities. Students and teachers in schools will benefit from improved sanitation facilities, while communities will benefit from sanitation and hygiene training and promotion. Vulnerable groups in the project area will also benefit from the project.

Key contacts

MUTASA Christopher - RDGE2


Finance source Amount
ADBUAC 102,327,255
ADFUAC 18,000,000
GovernmentUAC 16,320,160
Co-financierUAC 29,918,792
DeltaUAC 246,207
TotalUAC 166,320,000
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