Mbarara-Nkenda & Tororo - Lira Transmission Lines Project


  • Reference: P-UG-FA0-004
  • Approval date: 16/12/2008
  • Start date: 18/02/2011
  • Appraisal Date: 31/07/2008
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Location: Western and eastern part of Uganda


The project will consist in the construction and reinforcement of the power transmission network of Uganda, so as to evacuate the 50 MW power to be produced at Mputa thermal power station and improve the national coverage of the grid by extending it to the eastern and northern parts of the country. The project will comprise the following components: A)Construction of transmission lines

(i) 270 km 132 kV Tororo-Opuyo-Lira single circuit on steel tower transmission line; and

(ii) 168 km 132 kV double circuit Mbara-Nkenda transmission lines B)Construction of Substations

(i)Mbarara North Substation

(ii)Nkenda Substation

(iii)Fort Portal Substation C)Construction of Medium voltage Networks D)Technical Assistance E)Project Supervision and Management

(i)Environmental Management Plan

(ii) Project supervision and Management

(iii)Audit of project accounts The project description will be fine-tuned at Appraisal.


In order improve the reliability and availability of power to the Eastern, Southern and Northern regions of Uganda and also to evacuate the power to be produced by a 50 MW thermal power generation plant at Mputa, UETCL considers the replacement of the 132-kV line between Tororo-Opuyo-Lira and 132 kV transmissions line between Mbarara-Nkenda as a long term solution. It decided to undertake a study to review various options to arrive at the feasible solution which is being recommended for ADF financing.


The poor health of the transmission system is the major constraint for private sector investment in electricity generation in the country. The proposed 132 double circuit Mbarara-Nkenda will ease such constraints. Similarly, 132 kV Tororo-Opuyo-Lira single circuit line to be constructed on steel towers will reinforce the existing line on wooden poles that was constructed in 70's s prone to frequent breakdown, thereby improving the overall reliability of supply. Similarly, the construction of medium voltage networks will increase the electricity access rate in rural Uganda significantly.

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Finance source Amount
ADFUAC 52,510,000
GovernmentUAC 19,980,000
TotalUAC 72,490,000
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