Fourth Line of Credit to DBSA - Development Bank of Southern Africa


  • Reference: P-ZA-HAA-008
  • Approval date: 21/07/2006
  • Start date: 04/08/2008
  • Appraisal Date: 17/03/2006
  • Status: OngoingOnGo


The investment proposal is for a Non-sovereign Regional Line of Credit (LOC) of USD 100 million to finance competitive infrastructure development, expansion, and rehabilitation in the SADC sub-region.

In addition, a complementary USD1million Technical Assistance (TA) Grant from the Japanese Fund for African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA) is being proposed. The FAPA grant will complement DBSA's TA resources and will be utilized at the sub-projects level, for capacity building in areas such as:

(i) Environmental Preservation and Management;

(ii) Cleaner Production and Process Management, and

(iii) Training in Corporate Governance and Management.


Through a combination of the LOC and TA and working with DBSA, as a development and strategic partner, the Bank seeks to: (a) maximise its development impact through intermediation; (b) accelerate poverty reduction efforts; (c) facilitate regional economic integration, and (d) institutionalize good corporate governance practices.


1.Estimated economic and related impact likely to result from the sub-projects supported by DBSA include: (a) approximately 3,000 new job opportunities created in the other SADC countries and numerous job opportunities in the informal sectors of the rural and economically deprived areas of the SADC sub-region; (b) ZAR71million poverty alleviation impact to low-income households in SADC; (c) ZAR620million impact on the GDP of the SADC sub-region excluding South Africa; (d) Impact of ZAR800million in foreign exchange earnings from exports; (e) ZAR1,495million impact on capital employed in the SADC sub-region; and (f) ZAR300million in tax revenues accruing to governments in the SADC sub-region, excluding South Africa.

2.This operation supports a broader regional focus and integration efforts by the Bank. It is also consistent with our strategy of assistance to regional banks and local banks with regional focus.

3.Given DBSA's reach outside South Africa, the bank is an important strategic development partner and alley of the ADB, the Government of South Africa and NEPAD for the realisation of sustainable development, poverty alleviation and regional integration.

4.Bank endorsement of DBSA's credit worthiness, symbolised by the proposed private sector LOC, will provide more visibility to DBSA and strengthen its capability to raise capital from other sister institutions and the international capital markets at more competitive and cost efficient rates.


The project will support the regional integration efforts of the Bank Group. Several economic benefits will accrue to the Citizens and Governments of the SADC sub-region as a result of this facility to DBSA.

Key contacts

ANSAH Dennis - PISD2


Finance source Amount
ADBUSD 66,957,710
Co-financierUSD 669,577
DeltaUSD 293
TotalUSD 67,627,580