Finish Supported Small Scale Irrigation


  • Reference: P-ZM-AA0-015
  • Approval date: 13/12/1901
  • Start date: 01/01/2002
  • Appraisal Date: 28/12/2009
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Implementing Agency: GOVERNMENT OF ZAMBIA
  • Location: Zambia


The Sector Goal is to increase food production and household income of the target group of the Project.

The objective of the project is to increase food production and farm incomes for the target group through expanding the area under irrigated agriculture. This will be achieved primarily through the implementation of the three irrigation schemes: Kanakantapa, Sinazongwe, and Nzenga schemes, and supplementing ADF loan resources to complete secondary and tertiary canals and land levelling at Nega-Nega Irrigation Scheme.

Four schemes are:

(i) Nzenga (98-ha);

(ii) Sinazongwe (100-ha households);

(iii) Kanakantapa Dam (25m3 million) and Scheme (620-ha) and Nega Nega scheme (595-ha) to be fully completed under civil works. Capacity building and training of farmers will continue.


Contribute to agricultural GDP growth, food security and poverty alleviation


The proposed project will assist the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) in its effort to eradicate rural poverty by promoting small-scale irrigated agriculture. The Bank financed project has already made important achievements. These include:

(i) Training of Technical and Extension staff in the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives; Procurement and distribution of motor cycles to facilitate community mobilization, and provide the necessary extension services to farmers;

(iii) Mobilization and Training of Farmers, their organization and legal registration into Farmer Groups and Co-operatives;

(iv) Completion of detailed designs and bidding documents for all six schemes; and

(v) Topographical surveys. The ground work has therefore been completed for the project but its benefit would not have any impact without completing the project.


According to a feasibility study and business plan prepared by the Mazabuka Cane Growers Association, each farmer at Nega Nega is expected to reap at least USD 5,000 net income per annum from an estimated gross production of 60,000-metric tones of sugar cane valued at more than ZMK10.2 billion. In addition, they are likely to plant and harvest banana, green maize and mixed vegetables. The Farmer Association can raise and harvest at least 200mt of fish from the intake canal and reservoirs. At Kanakantapa, farmers are expected to significantly raise their annual income through increased sales of high value fresh vegetables and green maize to the Lusaka markets. Significant increases in fish production from the 25m3 million dam as well as its use for other livelihood and aesthetic value are also expected. At Sinazongwe and Nzenga, farmers will plant at least 0.25-ha each to green maize and green vegetables, almost all year round and this will add at least USD2 ,000 to their net annual income. The irrigation will stabilise their food systems in all the sites.

Key contacts

BANGWE Lewis Mupeta - RDGS4


Finance source Amount
GovernmentEUR 8,137,881
DeltaEUR 9
TotalEUR 8,137,890
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