Multipurpose Small DAMS


  • Reference: P-ZM-EAZ-002
  • Approval date: 03/09/2012
  • Start date: 31/01/2014
  • Appraisal Date: 01/03/2012
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Implementing Agency: Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Deve


The objective of the Project is to upgrade and carry out field testing of national guidelines for community driven planning, design and implementation of multi-purpose small dams in Zambia, Such guidelines are essential to effectively guide GRZ in engaging with external support partners to accelerate the investments in multi-purpose small dams for improved water security in the country. Thus the project will add significant value to the strategic up-scaling of dam development and contribute to the attainment of the MDG goals and the ambitions of the Africa Water Vision. The Project will contribute to design planning and funds mobilisation to spur new and on-going water development programmes such as the Integrated Water Resources Management and Water Efficiency Implementation Plan (2007-30). The project also involves direct investments in connection with the field testing of the guidelines that will include rehabilitation and rehabilitation of three existing dams and construction of one new small dam directly benefitting some 40,000 people.

Implementation of the project will be undertaken over a period of 3 years after approval. The estimated total cost of the project is Euro 1 ,100,000 and the AWF will provide grant financing of Euro 950,000 covering 86% of the project costs. The in-kind contributions of the Government of Zambia are estimated as Euro 150,000 representing 14% of project cost.

The Government of Zambia will be the Grant Recipient and the Ministry of Lands, Energy and Water Development (MLEWD) the Executing Agency. The project will be implemented by a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) hosted at the DWA for day-to-day execution and coordination.


The Zambia Ministry of Lands, Energy and Water Development (MLEWD) has requested AWF to support GRZ's concerted water development efforts that will contribute to enhanced socio-economic development and improve the livelihoods of populations in the semi-arid regions of the country.

The requested project has been identified under the framework of the Integrated Water Resources Management and Water Efficiency Implementation (IWRM/WE) Plan 2007-30, and was further substantiated by the Zambia Water Resources Strategy on Managing Water for Sustainable Growth and Poverty Reduction (2009). The requested project will not be a standalone intervention but be part of concerted water resources development efforts pursued by the Government of Zambia (GRZ) and supported by a number of cooperating partners in the sector including the World Bank, AfDB, and several multi-national and bilateral donors.

Community based sustainable management and development of local watersheds in the poorest areas is crucial for the sustainability of local livelihoods and their adaptation to climate change and variability. Addressing the challenges of securing livelihoods and increasing the resilience of rural households to the impacts associated with climate change can be accomplished through implementation of small scale, multi-purpose water resource development including development of small dams, local mini- and small-scale hydropower plants, smallholder irrigation schemes, flood protection, etc.

The Facility the GRZ objectives of developing a systematic approach to the development of small reservoirs having in mind the significant quantity of water stored in numerous small reservoirs that will have significant combined socio-economic effects as well as environmental impacts. Hence, reservoirs will not be developed as a stand-alone project funded by different agencies, but will provide a platform for concerted and strategic investment programmes that will benefit from uniform approaches and economy of scale. Concerning the latter, the project will engage with associated programmes funded by GRZ and its development partners.


The impacts of the project will include a contribution to economic growth and poverty reduction through enhanced performance by the GRZ to attain increased water security in semi-arid areas of the country due to increased number of sustainable rehabilitated or constructed new multi-purpose reservoirs.

The Project aims to enhance water security in the country and is well aligned with the policies, investment strategies and programs for water development in Zambia. The development goal of the project is to contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction in Zambia through accelerated development of water storage infrastructure for enhanced water security and associated services and economic activities at community level leading to improved livelihoods in the affected communities.

The project will support the GRZ to develop, adopt, and effectively use upgraded guidelines for the planning, design, financing and implementation of multi-purpose small dam investments. Moreover, it shall actively assist GRZ to attract more development partners who will invest in the water resources development. In this way the project will contribute to sustainable development of water storage infrastructure and associated socio-economic activities by leveraging financial mobilisation.

Key contacts

CHINOKORO Herbert Mugwagwa - RDGS4


Finance source Amount
AWFEUR 815,822
TotalEUR 815,822
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