Bom Jesus - Calenga Rural Dev Project


  • Reference: P-AO-A00-001
  • Approval date: 24/11/2005
  • Start date: 14/09/2006
  • Appraisal Date: 30/05/2005
  • Status: OngoingOnGo
  • Location: Luanda peri-urban & Calenga rural areas

The project will improve the food security situation and the livelihood of some 4,000-15000 households or a total population of 10, This will be achieved by transforming former subsistence farmers to successful food crops growers and small livestock producers. The project will have a positive impact in improving the living standard of beneficiaries. The project will also contribute to building of skills of farmers specially in the area of food crops growing and thus will be able to supply Luanda population with vegetables. The project will lay the basis to assist subsistence farmers in the u of irrigation techniques on about 1,150 hectares and the use of rainfed agriculture on additional26,000 hectares adjacent to the irrigation area to improve their skills in water management and soil conservation.

The project will directly benefit about 11 ,000 households (55,000 individuals) and create 75,000 seasonal jobs. About 545 farmers' groups, women representing about 54% of their membership will be created and/or strengthened and trained by the project. The project will lead to a substantial increase in agriculture production; contribute to poverty alleviation and improved food security at household level. I maize, vegetable, fruit and beans production will induce increased employment and income generation opportunities in backward and forward-linked industries. Group formation and training will facilitate technology adoption, access to inputs and marketing.

Key contacts

AGBOMA Patrick Chukuka - OSAN2


Finance source Amount
ADFUAC 17,200,000
GovernmentUAC 2,576,000
TotalUAC 19,776,000