Small Towns Water Supply & Waste


  • Reference: P-KE-E00-007
  • Approval date: 03/11/2009
  • Start date: 21/01/2011
  • Appraisal Date: 15/06/2009
  • Status: OngoingOnGo


The proposed project addresses the water supply and sanitation problems in a number of small towns and the lack of water storage in Yatta area. The project will have three components (1) institutional development support to strengthen the commercial, technical and financial aspects of the Water Service Providers, (2) water supply and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation and extension, and (3) water storage intervention which includes the construction of the multi-purpose Yatta dam. As the very first activity a gender sensitive baseline survey will be undertaken to establish a clear baseline.

2.1. Project components

1Institutional Development Support (UA5.78 m)

Gender sensitive baseline surveys (8) of project towns; Business and Strategic Business Plans (8); Develop/Upgrade MIS and M&E systems (8); Hygiene education and Gender mainstreaming (district forums) Programs (8); Operation and Maintenance (8) (including Unaccounted For Water plans, Training, Studies, Equipment, Logistics); Sanitation and Wastewater management plans (8); Annual financial and annual technical audit (8); Support to Regulator, Reforms Secretariat, and Gender Focal point; Feasibility Studies (2), Detailed design and tender documents preparation of Thwake and Koru Dams (2)

2Water Supply and Waste Water Infrastructure (UA50.59 M)

Bondo, Siaya, Othaya, Mukurwe-ini, Maua, Kitui, Matuu and Kithimani: water supply system rehabilitation and extension works, wastewater and sanitation infrastructure works (consultant services for detailed design and supervision; implementation of: river intakes (8), boreholes (4); raw water and rising mains (127 km), water treatment plant (73,800 m3/day total of 9 plants), reservoirs (24,510 m3 total of 9 reservoirs), distribution network (100 km), bulk meters, household meters (45,000), waste water treatment ponds (8), exhausters (8), school and public toilets (100))

3Water Storage (UA21.56 M)

Detailed design, tender documents preparation and implementation supervision; recruitment of Panel of Experts; construction of 35 m high Yatta dam and rehabilitation of 60 km length of Yatta canal (embankment works, spillways, intake, water treatment works, channel rehabilitation, water supply and irrigation infrastructure, and compensation); Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) support; support for the two water users associations in the area (organizational capacity; operation and maintenance of irrigation infrastructure; agricultural extension support services); enhance the role of by-laws and water user associations for multi purpose use.


To improve the access, quality, availability and sustainability of water supply and wastewater services in the small towns of Kitui, Siaya, Bondo, Othaya, Mukurwe-ini, Maua and irrigation water for existing Yatta small scale irrigation schemes


The overall aim of the project is to contribute to the provision of improved water supply and sanitation in small towns and their surrounding areas, and to increase the multi-purpose water storage infrastructure. The present infrastructure is inadequate, was built in the fifties, in places as Bondo, Siaya, Maua, Othaya, Mukurwe-ini and Kitui towns. The water supply coverage in the towns varies from below 20% to around 50%. The sanitation situation is in similar state none of the towns has an acceptable sanitation action plan, program and system. In spite of the recurrent droughts and floods, Kenya has not invested in water storage infrastructure to deal with shocks from extreme events. This is illustrated by the decline in water storage from 11 m3 per capita to an alarmingly low value of below 5 m3 per capita.

The Project fits under the social pillar of Vision 2030 and is in line with current CSP for Kenya, which aims at building on the on-going Bank support in the sector by improving water and sanitation services in medium sized towns and surrounding rural areas, and increasing efficiency of water storage.

The Bank's medium term strategy aims at providing for the support and capacity of RMCs to sustainably manage water resources and mainstream Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) practice. The project will achieve this goal, through the provision for the multipurpose Yatta Dam, which is intended for sustained additional water for both domestic water supply and water for the existing Yatta small-scale irrigation schemes, which are decrepit, because of intermittent water flows. In addition, the construction of the Yatta Dam complements the GOK's MTP goal of increasing the per capita water storage from 5m3 to 16m3 per capita by 2012.

The project further complements the ongoing Water Services Boards Support Project, related to the improvement of water supply and sewerage systems in LVSWSB TWSB, NWSB approved in 2007 and scheduled to be completed in 2012.

The Bank Group should intervene in the water and sanitation sector, stemming from its long-term engagement in sector, and the fact that the GOK has requested for support in the six towns. In the National Water Sector Strategy (2007 - 2015), Kenya over the next five years aims to improve access to safe water and sanitation with the goal of attaining 75% access to safe and reliable water for urban areas and 70% for rural areas and reduce unaccounted for water to below 30%. The government recognizes the Bank to be a key development partner in its efforts to improve water and sanitation services given the long-standing engagement in the country. The Bank has financed several water, irrigation, and dam projects since the 1980s and currently, the Bank is actively involved in different sectors, including power, urban and rural water supply and sanitation, health, education, and roads. The Bank is hence well suited to finance the project given its vital and unique role in the socio-economic development of its Regional Member Countries.

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Finance source Amount
ADFUAC 70,000,000
GovernmentUAC 7,924,694
TotalUAC 77,924,694