Feeder Road Construction


  • Reference: P-LS-D00-007
  • Appraisal Date: 15/12/1994
  • Board Presentation: 15/04/1995
  • Status: PipelinePIPE
  • Implementing Agency: --
  • Location:


The proposed project will comprise the following:

(i) improvement of eight G-3 gravel roads 212 km in total to bitumen B-2 standard;

(ii) construction of nine G-4/earth standard roads (192 km in total) to G-3 gravel standard.

(iii) procurement of road maintenance equipment for:

a) Equipment Intensive Units (EIU) b) Labour Construction Units (LCU)

(iv) procurement of road maintenance equipmment

(v) supervision and management

Further details of the project components shall be established with GOL. The construction and improvement works shall be executed by both Force Account and by Contract.


It is the objective of this project to support the GOL to implement its rural road transportation policy by assisting in the execution of the country's Feeder and Secondary Road Construction and Improvement Programme covering some 432 km.


The proposed project is aimed at making the agriculturally more productive rural areas of the country more accessible and thus contributing towards achieving the goal of self sufficiency in food production as well as stimulating agricultural exports. The improvement of the rural feeder road network is accorded priority in the Bank's EPCP.


The improvement of the rural feeder road network infrastructure will contribute in the growth of indigenous agriculture, and stimulate rural development.

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Estimated Cost

UAC 84,000,000