Skills Development for Entrepreneurship


  • Reference: P-MW-IA0-005
  • Appraisal Date: 31/05/2016
  • Board Presentation: 12/10/2016
  • Status: PipelinePIPE
  • Implementing Agency: --
  • Location: Malawi


.. Proposed Activities: The proposed intervention will focus on the four components:

(i)Increased number of youth with relevant industry specific skills

(ii)Increased number of skilled youth accessing credit facilities

(iii)The medium and long term maintenance and sustainability of facilities supported under Pillar I of the CSP

(iv)Project Management


The project Objective is to contribute to increased access and improved quality and equity of Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) and Higher Education (HE) as well as job creation for youths.


The Malawi Growth and Development Strategy consider Education as one of its priority areas with focus on human capital development. This priority status underpins the GoM's vision to transform Malawi from a predominately importing and consuming country to a net producer and exporter. The Bank's CSP (2013-2017) spells out priorities under two pillars: Pillar I has outputs mostly in addressing Infrastructure bottlenecks to competitiveness and growth; and Pillar II has outputs related to support actions to expand private sector investment and trade business growth and innovation through creation of value-chain and skills development in the HE and TEVET subsector. Skills for Private Sector Development study conducted by the Bank in 2009 confirmed that the country is facing a serious challenge of lack of skilled labour. Skills shortages in specific areas were identified through this study. The proposed project will help to address some of these needs.


GoM, entire Malawi population especially youths in school, out- of- school including: females and people living with disabilities, teachers, staff, college administrators, managers, TEVETA, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Higher Education and TEVET graduates, labour market, Industries, private sector and firms.

Key contacts

BANDA Kelvin Kanswala - OSHD2

Estimated Cost

UAC 10,000,000