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Benin-Regional Public Health Institute



Given the shortage of health research, health personnel and health services, particularly in rural areas, the Government of the Republic of Benin sought to create a public health institute in Benin with support from the World Health Organization.

Initially located in Cotonou, the institute’s premises and materials were inadequate to effectively train health staff. These conditions led to the construction of new premises for a public health institute in Ouidah, some 30 km outside of Cotonou, thanks to a loan from the Bank.

Benin’s new Regional Public Health Institute is a university campus covering 8 hectares and including living areas for students. It offers training to several kinds of health works, including many women from other countries in Africa.

For health service practitioners, the institute offers tertiary training in public health, health care management, health economics and sanitary engineering; for administrators and technical staff, it organizes seminars and conferences on health care management; for researchers, it to promotes better preventive health care and treatment; and for community health practitioners, a documentation center is available.

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