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Nigeria Urban Transport Project: Abuja Facilitating Urban Mobility




Addressing a Gap

Abuja is growing rapidly and now among the most congested cities on the African content. Livelihood and competitiveness of the city will rely heavily on the availability of good levels of mobility. Such levels can only be delivered through integrated transport systems, key to which is public transport. While BRT systems are not new, African cities have not been exploiting fully the advantages of such systems. Furthermore the engagement of the AfDB Group in the field is certainly a new one. Once approved, the project will represent the first BRT project to be financed by the AfDB Group....

Furthermore, the co-financing arrangement to be applied with the Clean Technology Fund is also the first of its kind by the AfDB Group in the transport sector. The project will pave the way for further similar engagements by the AfDB Group in the urban transport scene, and for leveraging funds through specialized climate change instruments. The project is a perfect fit for the AfDB Group’s approach for inclusive green growth and its new strategy for urban development.

ADF Financing

The total project cost for Phase I (pilot phase) is estimated at USD 158.10 million; however the AfDB Group has allocated approximately USD 50 million under ADF and another USD 50 million to be funded through a co-financing arrangement utilising the Clean Technology Fund.



The project consists of the development of a Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system in Abuja. The AfDB Group will leverage funding from the Clean Technology Fund (CTF). The project will contribute towards developing good quality public transport system in the city. Not only will this reduce reliance on cars, but will also provide affordable transport that increases the level of social inclusiveness.

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