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Rwanda-Education III Project



Built in 1997, the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) is the first technological institute to be built in Rwanda to train students in science, technology and engineering at the degree and diploma levels. KIST also transfers appropriate technology to the community. A regional center of excellence in science and technology, training and research, the building of this institution is in line with the Bank’s higher education in science and technology strategy.

The construction of KIST was one component of a two-phase education sector project. The first phase focused on assessing needs and providing materials such as books to the library as well as the equipment of the laboratory.

This was followed by a construction phase during which a modern 4-storey building housing 30 equipped laboratories and workshops was built to train students in biology, food sciences, physics and electricity, thermodynamics, mechanics and optics as well as chemistry. Enrolments have risen from an initial cohort of 209 students to 2,647 in 2009.

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