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Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Kenya: Unlocking Development Potential for Inclusive Growth



Nakuru, Kenya's fourth largest city is a major industrial and tourist center. Prior to the AfDB Group’s intervention, unreliable water supply and sanitation services resulted in scaling down and ultimate relocation of industries, resulting in high incidence of water-borne diseases. Women and children spent long hours collecting water or buying it at a very high cost.

ADF Financing for Infrastructure and Capacity Building

The ADF has invested a total of UA 18 million (about US$ 27 million), to support the improvement of water supply and sanitation services in urban, peri-urban and rural communities, under the Rift Valley Water Services Board's jurisdiction. Project components included: i) Institutional support of the water and sanitation service provider and ii) Water and Sanitation infrastructure investments.



  • Water production in Nakuru increased from less than 30,000 m3/day to 50,000m3/day, providing 18 hours of water supply, up from less than 6 hours a day;
  • Organized customers business information, and tariff collection efficiency improved from 40% to 95%;
  • Full operationalization of the water and sanitation service company;
  • Improved revenues enabled access to private sector finance for the rehabilitation and extension of the distribution network.

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