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Senegal: Drinking Water and Sanitation #ImprovingthelivesofAfricans

Project name: Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Programme (PEPAM)


  • Improve the health conditions of the rural population in Senegal by reducing waterborne diseases, particularly diarrhea, which is the main cause of under-five child mortality.


When I got to the well, I had to wait for hours to collect only a little water. The water from the borehole is much better, it’s clean and there is no more diarrhea or illnesses related to water.


Yacine Diop (in front of a queue) waiting to pay her water bill in Ndiobene Mbatar,
Louga Province.


  • The rehabilitation of boreholes, water storage facilities, and pumping equipment.
  • Access to safe and reliable drinking water for an additional 183,000 people.
  • Improved sanitation with the installation of family latrines, washing bins and public washrooms.
  • Training provided in health and sanitation for masons and school teachers.