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Consultation with civil society is intrinsic to the work of the African Development Bank. Systematic civil society consultation at all levels and stages of operations ensures that collaboration contributes to the Bank’s High Fives.  This takes various forms:

  • The annual Civil Society Forum held alongside the Bank Annual Meetings, an ideal context for consulting civil society on emerging issues.
  • All Bank policies and strategies are systematically submitted to civil society:
    • The Ten-Year Strategy
    • The High 5s: Light up and power Africa, Feed Africa, Integrate Africa, Industrialize Africa, Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa.
    • The Country Strategy Papers which are very conducive to country-level civil society consultation
    • Projects elaborated in a participatory, inclusive manner through consultation with civil society throughout the project cycle. 

The following documents consolidate the results of the regional consultations and are available to stakeholders:

Internal Awareness Consultation Workshops 

The African Development Bank has committed to further promote civil society engagement internally.

The Civil Society, Social and Community Engagement Division launched its first internal awareness consultation workshop in Libreville, Gabon, on December 19, 2017 during a Central Africa Regional Development and Business Delivery Office management staff retreat.

The workshop’s overall objective was to raise awareness about the processes and procedures for partnering with Civil Society Organizations in Bank operations. It provided a forum for managers to share collaborative experiences with CSOs and discuss how they can further incorporate civil society into their projects and policy dialogue in Central Africa.

Such internal consultations create an open forum where Bank staff can freely discuss issues around engaging with civil society and reach a consensus on how to engage with CSOs and on partnership modalities.

The Bank’s Civil Society and Community Engagement Division is planning Internal Awareness Consultation Workshops at Bank headquarters in Abidjan and one in each regional office – the West Africa Regional Development and Business Delivery Office, the North Africa Regional Development and Business Delivery Office, the East Africa Regional Development and Business Delivery Office and the Southern Africa Regional Development and Business Delivery Office.