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Africa Climate Change Fund

The ACCF is supporting African countries to strengthen their capacities to access international climate funds and to pilot innovative small scale climate adaptation projects”

The ACCF is not currently accepting new proposals. Click for more information?


The contribution of Africa to global greenhouse gas emissions is minimal. However, a combination of geographical and economic factors combined with its dependence on climate-sensitive sectors make African countries highly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

This vulnerability compromises the continent's development and threatens millions of Africans and their livelihoods. According to current estimates, the negative effects of climate change are already reducing Africa's GDP by about 1.4 per cent, and the costs arising from adaptation to climate change are set to reach an annual three per cent of GDP by 2030. African countries have set out ambitious commitments towards climate adaptation and mitigation in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), many of which will require significant climate finance and other support in order to be achieved.

To support African countries to respond to this urgent challenge, the AfDB's Board of Directors approved the creation of the Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF) in April 2014.

ACCF mission

The ACCF was established with an initial contribution of 4,725 million Euros from Germany, and subsequently benefitted from an additional funding commitment of € 4.7 million from the government of Italy and a commitment of € 2 million from the government of Flanders, Belgium, bringing the total contributions to the ACCF since its inception to over € 11.4 million.

The ACCF is a multi-donor trust fund managed by the Bank. Its governance structure comprises a Technical Committee made up of relevant Bank departments, and an Oversight Committee which includes the Bank and the donors. It is administered by a Secretariat, hosted by the Bank’s department of Climate Change and Green Growth.

The ACCF broadly aims to:

  • Assist African countries to access larger amounts of climate finance and use funds provided more effectively;
  • Help African countries to account for climate change in the their growth strategies and policies, by means of upstream diagnostics and providing technical assistance;
  • Provide capacity-building in climate change and green growth for African countries and stakeholders at national and regional levels.

ACCF Call for proposals

ACCF will only fund project through call for proposals. The first call for proposals, in 2014, focused on enhancing the capacity of African countries to improve their national institutional governance for direct and international access to climate finance, and on the other hand, to develop transformational policies, programs and projects for climate resilience and low carbon growth, in alignment with UNFCCC decisions. 

The second call of proposal, 2017, gave priority to support direct access to climate finance, and to support small-scale or pilot adaptation initiatives to build resilience of vulnerable communities. 

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