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About AEMP

The Africa Energy Market Place (AEMP) is a collaborative investment platform created by the African Development Bank as part of the New Deal on Energy for Africa, the transformative partnership to light up and power Africa by 2025. The AEMP has been specifically designed to aid private investments in the energy sector by using a tri-partite model that brings governments, the private sector, and development partners together.

All this is achieved through:

  • The removal of barriers to private sector investments: the AEMP convenes country-specific roundtable discussions to i) prioritize and accelerate sector reforms that are crucial to attracting private investments; ii) review and fast-track priority transactions; iii) generate a pipeline of new deals.
  • Peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange: the AEMP offers opportunities to government officials to engage with peers in other countries and draw on lessons and best practices of relevance to energy sector transformation.
  • Networking and partner engagement: AEMP promotes senior-level interaction among the finance and private sectors, enabling the identification of investment opportunities and avenues of potential financial support.

Each edition of the AEMP comes with specific products: country-level energy sector diagnostics, action plans, country-level energy project mapping, and country-level energy sector solutions. The AEMP does not create new knowledge products as all deliverables are based on an aggregation of information gathered from previous and current initiatives. The AEMP aims to leverage existing knowledge and enhance focus through renewed commitment.


The rationale: using deal bottlenecks to feed policy dialogue

The AEMP adopts an innovative approach in order for the policy dialogue to be as action-oriented as possible. By converging and aligning the actions of development partners, governments and private sector, the AEMP initiates a dialogue that advances strategic projects for the countries, accelerates their energy reforms that are most necessary, and catalyzes investments. Following a problem-solving approach, as described below, the expected outcomes are as follows:

  • A broad stakeholder agreement on key actions and projects through a consensus-building process before and during AEMP roundtables;
  • Affirmation of “soft” commitments by the AEMP collaborating parties to help implement key actions formalized through the signature of the joint action plan;
  • Identification of projects and initiatives to be accelerated, and transactions to be closed, within a reasonable timeframe;
  • Agreement to a regular monitoring schedule to ensure resolutions are implemented.


The approach:

The AEMP establishes a high-level dialogue with a view to identifying, understand and agree upon what the key challenges and solutions are to move the agenda forward.

Five focus countries were selected for the first edition of the AEMP: Ethiopia, Cote d’Ivoire, Zambia, Egypt and Nigeria.

Two additional countries: Tanzania and South Africa, were selected for the second edition in Johannesburg, South Africa, during the Africa Investment Forum.

The third edition of the AEMP is scheduled to take place 25-26 June 2019 and will target five new focus countries: Angola, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana and Madagascar.

Respective governments, decision makers, investors, financiers and development partners were brought together for the first two editions to agree on a joint action plan that outlines the key time-bound country-level energy priorities to accelerate sector reforms and project execution, starting by addressing key investment risks and bottlenecks.

AEMP will also be a channel for showcasing transactions at the African Development Bank’s annual Africa Investment Forum.