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Eligibility to access the services of the Facility shall be open to participating RMCs. The Facility shall levy participation fees and other fees for services rendered, especially in assisting with the negotiation of complex commercial transactions. Fees would be used to help sustain the Facility and ensure commitment on the part of participating-user countries. In instances where fees are levied for services, different levels of fees may be charged depending on the categorization of the participating-user country, as determined by the management of the Facility. In establishing categories, due consideration may be given to the economic categorization of the user country by international institutions such as the Bank and the United Nations.

RMCs that are not members of the Facility may request legal advice, which would be given on a non-priority basis.  

Membership in the Facility shall be open to all member countries of the Bank.  Membership in the Facility shall also be open to non-member countries of the Bank, intergovernmental and international organizations, which meet eligibility criteria established by the Governing Council of the Facility.


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