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CIF Annual Report 2017

Welcome to the AfDB-CIF 2017 Annual Report. In this report, we invite you to explore developments in the Bank-CIF portfolio.

The report looks at two particular aspects:

  • First, it examines  CIF’s role as key partner of  the Bank as we continue to scale-up our financial commitments to climate change projects and programs across the African continent.
  • Second, the report features four cross-cutting elements which are central to CIF projects and cut across all CIF programs, and which are required in Bank/CIF projects as part of the transformational approach:
    • Gender policy
    • De-risking investment for the private sector
    • Capacity building and institutional strengthening
    • Co-benefits and cross-sectoral solutions

The report also provides access to important knowledge achieved during the year and presents the major activities planned for  2018, especially in the context of CIF’s ten-year anniversary.

We hope this report offers you new insights into  the Bank’s work in expanding Africa’s access to climate financing through  CIF,and its support for Africa’s transformation to clean technology, sustainable management of forests, increased energy access though renewable energy, and climate-resilient development.

Full CIF annual report 2017