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About the Platform

In the wake of the recent wave of change in MENA, ten IFIs agreed, during the G8 Finance Ministers meeting (Marseille, France, September 10, 2011), to set up a joint coordination platform to facilitate joint operations and maximize synergies among institutions in the region.


  • Information sharing and coordination of activities among IFIs
  • Pro-active identification of joint projects, policy and analytical work
  • Regular development of knowledge products 
  • Regular monitoring and reporting on joint-operations in the region (e.g., briefs, annual report)


The platform will include:

  • A secretariat hosted by the AfDB (from September 2011 to September 2012)
  • Institutional & Operational focal points (from each IFI)


Together the IFIs stand ready to support the aspirations of the people in the Arab world. As they shape their own destinies, IFIs can support them with international expertise and funding...

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