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Facility Eligibility Criteria

The Transition Support Facility is structured into three pillars:

  • Supplemental Support Window (Pillar I): Provides supplementary support for funding recovery operations, infrastructure development, building state capacity and accountability, financing regional projects and governments’ participation in private sector operations. Supplementing the regular country allocation under the Performance-Based Allocation (PBA) system, Pillar I resources can be used to support all programs and projects, and use any of the Bank Group’s financing instruments available to ADF-only countries, to support implementation of country priorities and Bank Group programming set out in the eligible country programming document
  • Arrears Clearance Window (Pillar II): Provides grant funding for clearing arrears of eligible countries to the Bank Group, thus facilitating debt regularization and normalization of relations with the Bank Group.
  • Targeted Support Window (Pillar III): Provides a limited pool of grant resources to support capacity building and technical support activities that cannot easily be done through traditional institutional support projects and programs - such as interventions through non-sovereigns. Priority is also given to activities that have potential for high impact due to their innovative character, possibilities for scaling up and leveraging other resources, or enhancing the Bank’s leadership and strategic positioning around issues of fragility.

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